Friday, 15 May 2015


Seth MacFarlane was born in Kent, Connecticut on October 26th, 1973. He went to the Rhode Island School of Design and studied animation. After he graduated he was hired by the Cartoon Network as an animator and writer for Johnny Bravo and Cow & Chicken. He then worked for Walt Disney Animation for a bit, then FOX called him and offered $50,000 to create a pilot for a show, which became Family Guy. In 2001 he was supposed to board Flight 11 which was the first plane to hit one of the twin towers, but he didn’t get on it due to his flight agent’s mix up. Seth was inspired by the tv show All In the Family to write for tv.

His trademarks he often uses in his work are broadway musical numbers that randomly happen in his shows. His characters he animates usually have large heads. Seth also uses a lot of pop-culture references in his work. He always hires Walter Murphy to write all the music in his shows and things. He also tends to voice a good chunk of different characters in each of his shows.

MacFarlane named his production company after a door from where he lived when he went to school that was fuzzy, Fuzzy Door Productions. He also based some characters off of people he went to school with and who worked at his school, like the security guard he based Peter Griffin’s voice off of. A 90 year old couple who trained Frank Sinatra, also voice trained Seth. He is good friends with the creator of the Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


1.  What aspect of your cultural jam do you find most successful and why?
I find it all successful because it's funny and looks somewhat real.
2.  What aspect of your culture jam do you find least successful and why?
Nothing, because it's perfect.
3.  If you could do this project again, what changes would you make to improve it?
Probably the colouring in the man and angel wings because they don't blend in as well as they should, BUT I can get away with it because the lighting coming in from the hole in the roof kind of makes it look like he's supposed to be that bright and standing out that much.  


Tuesday, 14 April 2015


1.  What company does the advertisement represent/subvert?
- Cover Girl.
2.  What kind of product(s) is being advertised?  
- Beauty products.
3.  What imagery is used in the advertisement to subvert?
- A paper bag.
4.  What message (text, copy) is used in the advertisement? 
- That beauty standards are always raised and you'll probably never keep up.
5.  How are the elements and principles of design used to convey a message?
- Good colours and use of photo sizes.
6.  Who is the target audience of the advertisement?
- Woman.
7.  Does the ad jam convey a clear and successful message?
- Somewhat, i'm understanding that it's pretty much saying that no matter what you do you can't look like those people in ads, so just put a bag over your head. The other thing i'm understanding from this is that putting that much makeup and things on your face is pretty much like covering your face.

8.  How could the ad jam be improved?
- More clear on what message it's trying to convey.

1.  What company does the advertisement represent/subvert?
- Pepsi.
2.  What kind of product(s) is being advertised?  
- Pop.
3.  What imagery is used in the advertisement to subvert?
- One big word, Obesity.
4.  What message (text, copy) is used in the advertisement? 
- That pop makes you fat.
5.  How are the elements and principles of design used to convey a message?
- The bright colours to make it pop (pun intended). The simplicity makes it very clear what the message is.
6.  Who is the target audience of the advertisement?
- People who drink pop.
7.  Does the ad jam convey a clear and successful message?
- Yes, it spells obesity and uses the Pepsi logo as the 'O'.

8.  How could the ad jam be improved?
- I like it how it is, 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Katelyn Steckley
No Hope
April 7th, 2015
     In my work I made my own brushes, which I have never done before. My idea was to showcase last chances, because through life you think you're always guaranteed a second chance. This artwork shows that these people had several chances to save the world but didn't. I have a plant growing but a guy is setting an oil can over it because he is oblivious and wasted the last chance of getting natural resources. My ideas did change but only the slightest bit. I wasn't really influenced by any artists, I just tried to create my own kind of style. For the apocalypse idea though, I looked at T&T's work even though I didn't base my whole piece on it.

     I made the background stuff really far back and the stuff in the front really far forward making your eyes move up and down. To do that i used deep dark blues in the background and bright reds in the front area and greens and oranges ass middle tone types. To make your eyes move from left to right, I used different sized brushes and I also overlapped brushes to keep your eyes moving to see what object is next and so on. I used different objects to build the little shelter and also the flowers in the tire, which brought the whole 'apocalypse' subject matter to life.

     I didn't really have motivation to get this done, I mostly just wanted to have it done with. Variety was used well in my project because I had a whole lot of different objects and such making it have a lot of different things to look at. It turned out better than I thought it would so that surprised me. With additional time I think my work would end up looking crowded and overwhelming because I like to add and add things so it's nice to have a specific time to stop as a reminder to slow down.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015



1. This movie is an art movie because it was serious, there were no jokes or parts that were intended to be funny. It is also an art movie because didn't have a large budget or big named actors in it, therefore it was not meant for a mass audience. This movie was also confusing which is what also made it an art movie, it was hard for me to tell the flashbacks from the present scenes so I got confused.
2. The director makes this movie for everybody because it is based on true events and history and shows how they changed history which some people find interesting. Another thing that makes it appealing to the average viewer is the fight scenes, for all the action lovers and movies feel more slow without fight scenes or any kind of action type. This movie was also appealing for average audiences because there was a love story to it and who doesn't love a good love story.
3. I didn't mind this movie, like I didn't hate it but I also probably wouldn't watch it again. I really liked the artistic parts of this film, like the use of slow motion. In the sword fight parts I liked all of the slow motion parts and how they made it the movie more eye catching and interesting. I also really liked the different perspectives and angles of how the movie was shot. In the scene with the sword fight in the water I thought it was cool how they shot it like you were above the water at some points and under it the next. The use of colour like in the golden forest was also something I loved about this movie.
4. He used colour to emphasize and enhance The Golden Forest scene when the girl got stabbed and the whole forest turned from gold to red to show kind of a sorrow feeling and like the forest was being drained and bleeding out as well. The red clothing along with the gold background made the two woman pop out more and even though it was in a forest you could clearly see the two woman even when they had leaves swarming around them.